And it has convinced several big writers to write about him

Flynn Blackie. Source: MOD Digital

As a writer, I get a lot of emails. Being the owner of a business, I get a lot of LinkedIn messages. And being a human, I am the recipient of an inordinate amount of spam.

I’m sure most people reading this are in the same boat. An overloaded mailbox that is full of clutter and rubbish. So it takes a lot for a cold email to be read and then responded to.

At a guess, I would say I reply to 1% of unsolicited messages. It needs to be special for me to take action. Very special.

17-year-old Flynn…

Who will win the battle of business versus politics?

Source: WikiCommons

Thank you for inviting me to this Summit. I am delighted to have this opportunity to learn, discuss, and exchange ideas together with you.

With those opening words, Jack Ma’s fortune was changed.

How many of us have said words we would later regret? Maybe in anger to a friend or family member? Perhaps something to a work colleague? Whatever the words, I am sure it hasn’t cost you billions of dollars and lead to conspiracy theories across the internet asking where you have disappeared to.

But none of you are Jack Ma.

Opening remarks

In which we introduce Jack Ma

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba…

The man with 15,000 matches knows how to build a brand

Source: Instagram

Most Swiped Man on Tinder.

There are a few titles I’d like. World’s Richest Entrepreneur. Funniest Person on Earth. Most Viewed Article on the Internet. Now I had a new one to add to the list of titles I would never achieve (hmm, maybe that’s a new one to aspire to, Most Titles Missed Out On).

The Most Swiped Man on Tinder.

I had to find out more about this guy. Who was he? How did he win the title of ‘most swiped’ and most importantly, what could I learn from him? …

#3: Inviting people to scam the CEO

Dupont advertising a way to suffocate babies? Source: eBay

Before the public sees an advertisement, it goes through several levels. Usually, there is an advertising agency that presents ideas and concepts. These get approved by various marketing leaders or senior management of the brand. There are plenty of options for quality control and to sense check any campaign before it goes live.

Yet still, some of the most idiotic advertisements make it into the public domain — brands both big and small.

Today, we look at nine of the worst advertisements of all time. As there are so many failed ads for us to shake our heads at, this…

A guide to a more fulfilling life, according to Matthieu Ricard.

By MEDEF —, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Matthieu Ricard has been called the world’s happiest person.

This isn't an award given out based on votes on a reality TV show, or to the influencer who gets the most likes on a social media post. This title was awarded to Ricard based on a twelve-year brain study on meditation and compassion led by a neuroscientist from the University of Wisconsin, Richard Davidson.

His skull was linked up to 256 sensors and scans showed that when Ricard was meditating on compassion, his brain produced a level of gamma waves — those linked to consciousness, attention, learning, and memory —…

No need to waste unused condoms when you can bungee jump

Jessica Fox wins gold! Source: Jessica Fox Instagram

Five years of training. Countless hours in the gym and on the water. Watching videos of competitions. And it all came down to a condom.

Aussie kayaker Jessica Fox has had Olympic heartbreak before — winning a silver and two bronze and was heading into her next event determined to breakthrough for gold.

And part of the pre-race strategy was using one of the condoms that the Olympics supply in abundance. But not in the manner of most Olympians. …

Your sex partner is probably thinking the same thing as you

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

I was glad I was super drunk, or I would have walked out of the room.

Before me lay an attractive naked woman. I tried to wrestle the condom out of the wrapper but had the grace and dexterity of a drunk baboon — which I sort of was.

My heart was beating, and I’m pretty sure my brow was dripping sweat. I could have entered a Mr. Unsexy Universe competition and won easily.

Questions raced through my mind. Will I be good? Will, she quit halfway through? What if I’m too quick. Or can’t maintain an erection? Can she…

The man with 240 million friends ghosted us all

Source: Instagram

Tom Anderson was everyone’s friend. Well, you had no choice really, you had to be friends with him.

Before Zuckerberg controlled social media, there was a website called MySpace. It was launched in 2003 and took the world by storm. For five years, it was the dominant social media platform. And when someone joined the platform, they automatically became Tom’s friend.

Our friend, Tom, enjoyed enormous success. Consider these milestones:

  • Acquired by News Corp in July 2005 for $580 million
  • Most visited website in the world by June 2006
  • 115 million unique users in April 2008

MySpace has since faded…

Athletes are making a stand against sexist uniforms

The Norway Beach Handball Team Source: Instagram

My friend texted me. Are you watching the women's beach volleyball?

Wondering if he was referring to a close, exciting match, I turned it on. The game had just started, so I wrote back, “It’s on now. Why?”

I knew what his reply would be as soon as those three little dots … appeared on my iPhone. It would be related to their uniforms.

They had bikini tops on and were wearing what is best described as anal floss as bottoms. Meanwhile, the men competing in the same event were wearing singlets and shorts.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I…

It shows why authentic posts will outperform sponsored influencers

Source: WikiCommons Images

What would you do if you had just won the first NBA title for your team in 50 years? Me — I would have the world’s biggest party for a week.

For NBA Finals MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, also known as the Greek Freak, celebrated by going to Chick-fil-A. And now it is the fast-food chain that is celebrating.

The Wednesday morning after he led the Milwaukee Bucks to the championship, Giannis — I will call him that as Antetokounmpo is too hard for me to type — pulled up to Chick-fil-A in need of food.

As he pulled up the…

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