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Going For Your Goals

Never give up and think outside the square

Everyone has a dream job. Movie Star. Politician. Doctor. Instagram Influencer. (That last one is NOT a job!). Whatever your dream job is, the reality is most of us never get it.

“Its too hard”.

“Too much competition.”

Lots of excuses which justify the reason not to try.

My dream job was to become a Sports Agent. Ever since watching Jerry Maguire- I wanted to yell “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!” every day to my clients. I loved sports. I loved the negotiation. I loved the spotlight. I was born to be a Sports Agent.

Unfortunately, thousands of others have the same dream job. And it seemed that almost all sports agents have retired sports stars themselves. How was someone whose sporting pinnacle was the high school football team supposed to become a Sports Agent? Well, I was going to find out.

I was in Marketing. And now I had to market myself.


I looked at all the Sports Management companies in my city. Based on this I decided which ones to approach. What was their size? Which clients did they have? How often did they advertise for their roles? Which ones were respected and had good reputations? Who employed retired sports stars and who were open to those with a non-sporting background?

Using that information I made a choice. Aiming high. The biggest Sports Management Company in my city.


The first step was to cold call them. I explained why I was calling and was told by the bored receptionist to send in a resume. I asked if this was a common request and she said they get at least 100 unsolicited resumes a day.

Good luck to me — the High School football team bench warmer.


I knew that sending in my resume (which had very little work experience on it anyway) would be fruitless. It would join a pile and remain there. Forever unseen.

I needed a way to cut through this and show them I was worth speaking to. A way to get in the front door and bypass all the other shmucks content to send their resumes and wait. I knew the one person who could get into any office would be a courier. So I decided I would dress up as a courier and deliver my resume.

I wasn’t sure if that was enough. It would ensure the resume was received but then what? I needed another layer. I bought a football and cut in two. I put my resume inside it and stitched it up — poorly but it was OK! I attached an address label that said: “Kick this idea around the office.”

Uniform on. Football in hand I went to their office and marched confidently to their reception. I said in a voice loud enough to get some attention, “Special Delivery for the CEO (I said his name but will leave it out here). This aroused interest and a few staff came to the reception. They took my football and passed it around. One of them called the CEO to come out.

I handed him the football and explained I would love to work with him. He congratulated me on the effort and said it was the best thing he had seen. Unfortunately, there were no available jobs but he introduced me to his GM and said the GM would be sure to be in touch if and when something came up.


I had my foot in the door but was still a long way from my goal. If I just waited for them to call, I knew there was a big chance I’d be forgotten. I had to remain proactive. I had to be in front of the mind.

So the next Monday at 930am I called the GM I had met. As a follow-up call to ensure I was still fresh in his mind.

We had a polite chat and he told me there were still no jobs.

I decided to call him every Monday at 930am. Consistently. Checking in and making sure that if any jobs came up, I’d be included in the mix. Every Monday for four months.

Some may think this is over the top or annoying, but it helped me develop a relationship with the GM. He expected my call and soon we would have longer chats. He would talk about some of the things they were working on. The direction of Sporks Marketing. I was establishing a relationship with him. It was like a four-month-long interview.


Finally, after four months, he said,

“OK. I’m going to create a job for you.”

Music to my ears. I had landed my dream job.

My. Dream. Job.

The pay wasn’t great — it was less than I was currently making — but it got me into the biggest Sports Agency in my city.

The Sales and Marketing Plan for Ash Jurberg had worked. They had created a job just for me. I was the product they didn’t know they needed. But my initial product launch and follow up campaign worked.

I had followed the marketing plan just as I would have done for any product. I knew the product well and in a crowded, competitive market I had cut through the clutter.

Don’t give up on your dream job. Go get it!

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