Some excellent points Isvari.

I do receive a lot of requests for help and like to assist where I can. I agree sometimes it's the poorly written ones you gravitate towards and they will get ignored but need the most help.

Flynn’s approach here worked on me. And a few other writers. That isn't to say it will work on everyone. No one piece of marketing or advertising will work on all demographics. As you pointed out the ego-stroking may not have worked on you. I’m not sure if it is a gender thing. Perhaps it is.

The 2 most effective parts were his age. Yes if he was 37 instead of 17 I probably wouldn't have reacted in the same way, but I like young people taking the chance. Not many would have.

And he also got to the point of what he wanted. Like you said, no beating around the bush.

The title of my article encapsulates my points. It's the best marketing email IVE read. It may not be the best other people have read.

Thanks for reading and for your great analysis.

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