Thanks for your summary of my situation, although incorrect, I can see you are trying to give people. The same scenario won't apply to all.

I didn't have a lot of free time — as my business was in travel I (and my team) had to support all our stranded clients, issue refunds, lots and lots of refunds, sort out visas, refunds, get people home, refunds. So in effect, we were doing more work than previously except, you know we were doing it all for free. All to be exact doing it for negative revenue — because of refunds.

And the government subsidy didn't cover the mortgage, the kids, my wife losing her job or you know…refunds.

So I hustled harder. And looked to pivot where I could. And to be honest it was the thought of losing my business (which happened) that spurred me on. I was giving advice based on my scenario.

But that's just me — a random idiot. With a hidden amount of resources and hidden that I still don't know where they are.

If you find them please send to Jackass c/o Medium

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