The Night I Saw My Idol’s Penis

Even celebrities are humans

Ash Jurberg
4 min readSep 13, 2021


Photo by Mitchell Griest on Unsplash

“Careful, mate, you’ll splash on your shoes.”

When you envisage meeting a celebrity, they aren’t the first words you imagine they might say to you. Instead, you expect something profound, something memorable that you will treasure for years.

“Oh, shit, sorry,” I replied and sheepishly turned to the task at hand. Unfortunately, my reply was even worse.

This was a Celebrity Meeting fail.

Australia has been the origin of some great bands. AC/DC, INXS, Tame Impala. Even the Bee Gees and the Wiggles. OK, maybe they aren't that great, but they are famous.

For me, my favorite Aussie band was Powderfinger. They formed in the early ’90s and dominated the rock charts. I bought every cassette — yeah, that was a thing, and CD they released and knew all their lyrics verbatim.

So in 2010, when they announced they were breaking up, I was upset. I had never seen the band perform live, and when they announced their farewell tour, I missed out on tickets.

My dream of seeing them live had evaporated.

At the time, I was found solace in the fact I was heading to South Africa to see the soccer World Cup — an event I had always wanted to attend. So imagine my…