Why Do People Who Buy Crypto Constantly Tell Everyone They Bought Crypto?

Are they missionaries preaching from the Book of BitCoin?

Ash Jurberg
5 min readOct 21, 2021


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I have made some great investments in my life. They enabled me to buy my first house.

I’ve also made some absolute mind-blowingly stupid investments in my life. As a result of those losses, my first house was a lot smaller than it should have been.

I have even made investments that were great but sold too early. In contrast, my friend kept their share and made over $ 2 million. That was a harrowing story to write. His house is VERY big.


But this article isn't about me. Or houses.

It’s about crypto. Or, more specifically, people who buy crypto.

The Book of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is enormous—like $2.4 trillion enormous. There is no denying it is a legitimate investment opportunity, and people can — and have made big money.


I’m not here to write about whether you should or shouldn't invest in crypto. I’m also not here to criticize the choice to invest in any cryptocurrency.

I want to discuss why so many people who have made that choice to buy crypto feel the need to write about that investment constantly.

Over and over.

Like some sort of CryptoCult, they peddle the advantages of BitCoin and Ethereum, and others. They tell the world that they have invested, why it’s the best decision of their lives, and why anyone who hasn't bought crypto is missing out.

They rejoice in the almost underdog-type status they seem to enjoy. Like it’s a competition, and they are battling against those who invest in shares, or real estate, or a lemonade stand.

Mark Cuban seemed to sum it up when he said BitCoin was “more religion than solution to any problem.” Cuban was looking at BitCoin from purely an investment perspective, famously saying he would “rather have bananas than bitcoin,”

I tend to agree that it is a religion but from another angle.